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XD Theater

Where Imagination meets Reality.

Our 4 dimensional XD theater will take you to places that you've never gone, before.

The only interactive ride of it’s kind in New York!

Strap yourself into one of our 10 specialized motion seats and get ready for the ride of your life. Feel the G-force as your seats move & shake with the movie. With your 4-D glasses you will see the Hi-definition movie jump right out at you. You’ll feel the heat and brightness of the explosions. You’ll feel the winds of the Tornado. And you’ll hear this all in   Hi-Def  Surround Sound. Don’t forget to check your hat in, at the door!

This is a ride that you’ll be coming back to again and again. With many movie options to chose from, you’ll never get tired of being taken "Out of This World!"

Height requirements: 40" tall

$5.50/ per ride