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 **Unlimited wristbands are available Friday 5pm through Sunday 8pm. (Wristbands Expire 1-hour before closing)** 

Unlimited wristbands are also available on Federal Holidays and Westchester Public School Vacation Breaks (Wristbands Expire at 5pm Monday thru Thursday). 

Be sure and check out our "Promotions" section for discounted early bird specials and other great offers!  Unlimited wristbands and all special promotions are based on availability of attractions for that day. 

We strongly recommend you call ahead for availability.

A La Carte

$7 Arcade card 20 Credits
$12 Arcade card 40 Credits
$22 Arcade card (GREAT VALUE ) 100 Credits
$32 Arcade card ( GREATEST VALUE ) 150 Credits
$52 Arcade card  (SUPREME VALUE ) 260 Credits
BRAND NEW SUPER FLY $6.75/per ride
X – D  theater $6.75/ per ride
Laser  Tag  ( ages 7 and older) $9/ per game
Rock Climbing Wall $5.50/ per climb
Bumper cars, Himalaya coaster, or Mini Twister $4/ per ride
Batting cages $5/ for 22 pitches
30 min. rental for $40
60 min. rental for $60
Special Deals:  Wristbands
UNLIMITED #1: Bumper cars , himalaya coaster, mini twister $17
UNLIMITED #2: Laser tag, rock climbing wall, bumper cars, himalaya coaster, mini twister $33
UNLIMITED #3: Laser tag , rock climbing wall, bumper cars , himalaya coaster,  mini twister and  Super Fly $39

Combo :  Includes kiddie zone and ballocity


Combo Plus : Includes kiddie zone, ballocity and rides

(bumper cars, himalaya coaster and mini twister)